Ordinary Days Audition Info

Auditions will be held on June 14th at 3pm in the Forum Theater. Auditions will be on a first come, first serve basis, and the sign-up sheet will be available at 2:45. Callbacks will be June 15th at 3pm, and you must be at callbacks to be considered for a role. Please have a list of all conflicts you have between June 17th and Sept. 25th.

Please prepare 16-32 bars of a contemporary Musical Theatre song that best represents your vocal abilities. Your cut must be clearly marked, double sided, and in a binder.

Please email Ms. Petz at cpetz@pylusd.org if you have any questions. 😊


Ordinary Days is the captivating story of what happens when frazzled and uptight graduate student Deb loses the notebook that contains all of her notes for her thesis somewhere on the streets of New York. Little does she know that Warren, the struggling artist and professional cat sitter who finds and returns the notebook to her, will have such a profound effect on her life. And meanwhile, their actions affect Jason and Claire, a couple inching toward marriage who ultimately can’t seem to completely figure each other out because of an unspeakable tragedy from years ago. Adam Gwon’s witty and captivating four-person song cycle has played around the world professionally, in university settings, and at community theatres, and it is sure to leave audiences finding and appreciating the beauty in their everyday lives.



Claire is in her 30s and is embarking on a new stage of her life with boyfriend Jason. The decision to share an apartment is the catalyst for Claire to face her past. Her cathartic "I'll Be Here" provides the audience the final clue to her arc.

Required vocal range: Soprano


Jason is in his 30s and is the boyfriend of Claire. A romantic at heart, he spends the bulk of the musical attempting to further his relationship, at first by moving in ("The Spaces Between") and then by proposing. Claire consistently resists his attempts leading to the central conflict of their story arc ("Fine").

Required vocal range: Tenor


In her mid-twenties, Deb is a cynical and defensive grad student who is struggling to find focus in her life. She meets struggling artist Warren when he finds her thesis notes in the street.

Required vocal range: Mezzo


The cheerful and sometimes annoyingly optimistic Warren sees beauty in the simple things in life, delivering the musical's message and final number ("Beautiful").

Required vocal range: Tenor

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